TrueLawDocs :

* Easy Legal Document Generation For The General Public

* Lawyer Designed And Powered By Artificial Intelligence

* More Than 10 Times Less Expensive Than A Lawyer

TrueLawDocs: Artificial Intelligence Legal Documents For The General Public

TrueLawDocs combines the expertise of lawyers with a powerful artificial intelligence engine to produce expert legal documents such as bills of sale, powers of attorney and wills (among many others) for consumption by the general public.

TrueLawDocs implements a traditional law office consultation/interview as it's starting point and then applies it's artificial intelligence engine to the consultation/interview. Print and sign your document and you are all set. The artificial intelligence engine will also advise you of any limitations or cautions pertaining to the document.

Modern legal document production is now available at a cost that is ten times and more less expensive than a traditional law office consultation.

Scheduled Release Date: October 15, 2021