Starling Law Accounting
Trust Accounting Simplified

Starling Law Accounting: Simple Trust Accounting

  • Zero setup full-featured law accounting that is a snap to use
  • Especially designed for law secretaries and non-accountants
  • Handle multiple trust and general bank accounts, credit cards
  • Easily manage segregated and mixed trust accounts
  • Free for small law practises


Foundation Non-Profit Accounting

  • Modern accounting for charities, NGOs, foundations and other non-profits
  • Manage donors and donations easily with deep introspection
  • Create, track and manage campaigns
  • Free for small non-profit organizations
  • and much more!


Foundation Non-Profit Accounting
Modern And Easy To Use Accounting

TrueLawDocs: Artificial Intelligence Legal Documents

  • Legal documents for the general public using artificial intelligence
  • Designed by lawyers and Computer Scientists
  • Powerful, intelligent and easy to use document production
  • Wills, Powers of Attorney, Bills of Sale and more
  • Ten times or more less expensive than a legal consultation